Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Hampshire Adventure//Part Two

With one day yet to explore, I decided to go ahead and share the pictures from the last few days so I don't end up with too many. The weekend was filled with the buzz of wedding activity for Caleb's younger brother, where Hallie charmed her great aunts, uncles, and grandma. Our first day of exploration, we headed into Boston where I ate my first cannoli and stood outside of Paul Revere's church pew, though not simultaneously. Yesterday was spent on the beach in Maine, ending with a view of rocky shoreline and a gorgeous lighthouse. 


The famed statue of Paul Revere.

Park Street Church was built in 1809, and has remained a thriving church for all those years. It's currently contemporary, evangelical and attended by many college students. 
The Old State house was built in 1713 and served as a meeting house for many of the Founding Fathers. 

Hallie's first ocean experience. She didn't really have a reaction, which is surprising considering the water was only 50 degrees! 
Zonked on Uncle Jake. Between both sides, Hallie currently has 9 aunts and uncles! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Hampshire Adventure//Part One [traveling]

This week I am on my first trip to the East Coast, tagging along with Morgan, Caleb, and Hallie as they journeyed to New Hampshire for Caleb's younger brother's wedding.

Along the way, we had some spare time to detour for a visit to Niagara Falls, which is when we kinda went to Canda, without passports. It all started with Caleb taking a short detour so we could experience Niagara Falls. We began up a bridge that pointed to Canda, because none of us had passports, we didn't fully anticipated being able to get into Canada. Though we thought we could get to Niagara Falls from that point. After getting up to Canadian customs we decided to just turn around before going through, so with a trailer and SUV we turned around in busy traffic, and headed back over the bridge. Of course traffic was insane and it took us an hour to get back over the bridge, which we had then realized that we had to go through US customs, even though we hadn't actually gone to Canada. We're two cars back from customs as Hallie has a diaper blow out getting on her clothing and car seat. Morgan plucks her out, changes her , and puts her back in her car seat in just a diaper as we pull up to the window. Caleb explains that we didn't really go through to Canada, we have no passports, we have no ID for Hallie, and our trailer is empty. Thankfully, the customs officer was so gracious and let us through. Then, flustered, and ready to just leave, Cal forgot the fenders on the trailer were a little wider than the vehicle. We hit a pole as he was turning the corner, and knocked off one fender before the officer opened the gate so we could just pull straight through. 

Best adventure of not going to Canada I've ever had. ;) A little while later, we did make it to the US side of the falls before finishing our drive. 

Lunch in Vermont where the pancakes are 14 inches each! 

Vermont mountains

Monday, July 14, 2014


 Over the weekend, a group of friends [+ a few chaps] headed out Friday evening for camping and an outdoor drama. Chillicothe, OH is home to an amphitheater performance that tells the life story of the great Shawnee Chief, Tecumseh. Tecumseh plays a big role in the nation's history, as well as our local history when he signed The Treaty of Greenville. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed to be taken during the performance, which is probably for the best considering all the loincloths. o_0 We camped at Hocking Hills state park and then spent a few hours hiking before heading home.