Friday, September 12, 2014

What the Bible Says About Friends

Recently, a group of girls and I have been dissecting and studying the book of James. If you've not studied this book, I'd highly encourage you to, as each chapter is filled with amazing wisdom that is very practical for us to be working on applying in our life today. Hands down this is my favorite book of the Bible. Beth Moore also has a great study on the book of James that I did last year with my momma. I've been going back through the study to better understand James and see where other parts of Scripture tie into verses in James.

 One thing that really stuck out to me that wasn't in the book of James, was a new perspective on friendship Beth wrote about. She says, "Friendship with the world is vastly more convenient because we live on the crowded pinhead of its epicenter. It's as close as our nearest billboard and shouts at us from our grocery-store checkout. It holds hands with us in the movies and eats with us in front of the TV. It promises pleasure and often delivers. So, no one who lives in this world is a friend of God accidentally. We make a choice where we want to be most present. A hard choice. Face-to-face or presence-to-presence intimacy with Christ only comes intentionally."

Friendship is defined as insider knowledge. We can look at an example of the friendship Jesus had with the disciples in John 15:15. It says, "I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I have learned from my Father I have made known to you."

Close friendship doesn't happen with hundreds of people on social media. It happens with a small group of people you invite into your life, you invest in, and you share parts of your life with that you don't share with others. It also needs to be visual, face-to-face. Don't just let your friendships be texting or emailing, especially when you live near one another. Nothing replaces grabbing coffee together or taking a walk and being able to share your life with a tangible human being.

Let's also not neglect to spend quality time with Jesus. He's the best friend any one could seriously ask for. He won't leave us, He won't speak lies about us, He is always gentle and kind, He listens to us, and He knows our hearts WAY better than even we know it. He lovesyou so dearly, and He wants to know you intimately.

What traits do you value in your close friends? I really appreciate it when people are good listeners and loyal. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Life Changes [& playing catch up]

God has provided me with a great new opportunity. Ones that leave me with more spare time, so you would think I wouldn't have let weeks go past since I last posted. But blogging is one of those things I have to be in the mood to do. I can't just sit down and write. I always have pictures, but what are pictures without words right?
 I left my job as a nanny at the end of August. I've watched these kiddos for a little over 2 1/2 years. Now they are bigger and the need for me was growing smaller and smaller. But God had perfect timing, as I was offered a position as a teacher's assistant earlier in the summer, at a local Montessori school. I'm in the classroom with preschoolers and kindergarteners. I also still get to see these brown eyed beauties every day, making it a smooth transition from job to job. I'm also not hating being on a school schedule where I'm off everyday by mid-afternoon...not to mention holiday breaks and summer break! 

 In other news, I hung out locally this weekend since there was so much going on in our little county. Saturday morning started off with a 32 mile bike race with my friend Alex. Of course we did it on a rickety tandem that he bought off Craigslist for $60. It was a one speed and the brakes didn't work so hot, but we survived nevertheless, and he got second place in the costume contest. I, on the other hand, was not interested in dressing up....wool socks while riding a bike just sounded miserable. ha. Also, I learned that holding your bike over your head is a Lance Armstrong thing.

 We had sweet friends cheer for us at the finish line at the race and then treated us to lunch at The Old Arcana.

 Our downtown had an awesome car show this weekend. The downtown is blocked off and cars are line up and down both sides of the road.

 Car show with this beauty!
 God's glory displayed in one of my favorite ways, late summer sunsets.
And what would a blog post be without my sweet niece. I love when she naps with her hand on her belly.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blue Ribbon Red Raspberry Pie

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the photo I posted last week of a crumble pie I baked for our county fair. Having never actually sampled the recipe myself, I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I have entered my share of baked goods into the fair over the years, normally a pie and fudge; some years I do well...others not so good. This year was a great year as I received 1st place for both pie and fudge! The fudge recipe is a secret family one, but the pie recipe can be found here: 

Making this pie again I would probably start off baking it completely covered with foil, and uncover it towards the end so the top wouldn't brown as much. I also added cinnamon to the crumble top and brushed an egg yolk/milk mixture to the crust before baking, even though the recipe calls for neither. 

More fair pictures coming in the near future! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Breakfast Picnic [#brunkwedding]

This past weekend I had the honor of standing up with one of my best friends as she got married. It was such a joy filled, God honoring, fun filled day. I am so excited for the new Mr. and Mrs.!

Because a couple of the bridesmaids lived out of state, we waited until this weekend to do a bachelorette party. Shopping, nice dinner out, swimming, nails done, night at a hotel, and overall just enjoying one another's company.

But first, we started with a breakfast picnic, in the park. I made this my special project. I've been collecting and creating for a few months now hoping all the pieces came together. I wanted something beautiful and charming; a picnic that brought indoor elements outside. More details found at the end of the post.

 p/c Jena
 p/c Jena
 p/c Jena
p/c Jena

The menu:
Lemon ice water
Greek yogurt with fresh berry
Pinapple/Watermelon heart kabobs
Apple streusel tea loaf muffins

The decorations:
Bottom blanket [Painters drop cloth from Home Depot $11 for two]
Coffee Table [already had]
White table cloth [Goodwill]
Picnic basket cooler [already had]
Blue Mason jars [already had]
Yogurt bowls [borrowed from a friend]
Plates [$.050 a piece at Goodwill]
Bunting bottles [pop bottles painted with a pearl finish white paint]
Name cards and bunting [I created]
Fruit tray [Santa Clause tray repainted with craft paint and parchment paper to keep the fruit juices off]

Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Hampshire//Part Three [home]

Home. It’s one of nicest words there is. If you’re blessed with a happy one, it should conjure up feelings of comfort, security, and love. I adore traveling, seeing new sights, and having adventures, yet, nothing comes close to the joy of returning to my family, friends, and my feather pillow. Sometimes you have to leave or lose things to appreciate different things more. Vacation was fantastic, but as John Denver once put it, 

 “Hey, it's good to be back home again. 
Sometimes this old farm feels like a long lost friend.”

We spent our last full day in New Hampshire in the northern part of the state visiting the area Caleb grew up in before his family moved to Concord two years ago. The mountains are more rocky in the northern part of the state, but otherwise it looks very similar to the mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee. 

Obviously she will probably be a ski pro like her Ingram aunts and uncles! 
Mt. Washington Hotel
Short hike up a mountain!
Hallie girl loves her aunts!
And that, my friends, is the final installment of our trip to New England.